Let me tell you again what Love Globe Trotting is about.

Love Globe Trotting (LGT) is a go to site for female travelers around the world. Solo travel is great but for women who love to travel in groups, let’s make new friends and travel around the world. LGT focuses on middle aged women looking to travel with fun, like minded women. 

About Me

 to esupponon piI enjoy traveling here in the United States and globally. Being an employee sometimes puts a dent in how long one can stay abroad. Let’s face it, three weeks in Europe from the US, one may lose 3/4 days of travel time. Sucks!

I worked my tail off for the last twenty years, then realized that the fancy job, chasing the next promotion/pay raise, was great when I was raising my two daughters. It is time for me to chase my purpose. I love, love traveling. I made one of the best decisions to start a small business in consulting. This allowed flexible time for travel because I can work from anywhere in the world. Starting a consulting business, I continue to work my hardest, while relieved off the pressure to always be my best, and the constant demand to prove myself.

Traveling is freeing, and turns me into a story teller. My travels are therapeutic and replenishes my soul till the next trip. Whether I’m traveling hours away from home or globally, I always make the best of my time away. 

I have convinced myself that I can travel all year long but only if my bills were paid at the same time. After all, life is a trip. 

Another passion of mine is to give back. Giving back is very rewarding especially when appreciated. I look for opportunities to assist with fundraising events for Rady Children’s Hospitals, St. Joseph’s hospital, and various elementary and high school events. After years of being a member of several non-profit organizations, I am currently a board member for Community Hands Foundation, Inc. (CHO). CHO is a registered non profit in U.S.A supporting orphanages and less privileged communities in Sierra Leone, West Africa. CHO collaborates with local registered NGO’s in Sierra Leone to ensure proper oversight. Together we can do great things for humanity!

Mission – Spreading the power of optimism
Vision – Driving a positive change through travel
Purpose –  Creating relationships, and collaborating through travel

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