In the U.S, new virus cases are still on the rise, therefore, we must still be mindful and cautious. For weeks, I have frantically wiped down all my groceries before putting them away. Today, I am less frantic. Maybe quarantine fatigue, or caution fatigue is the reason for being less frantic. We must not forget that many have died and some continue to suffer from the virus. All cautions must continue. I am looking forward to a safer tomorrow and traveling without fear, or a 14 days quarantine after landing in another country. Summer travel will probably look a lot different this year. Traveling between 250 miles from home is more likely to be an attractive travel choice than traveling abroad. Traveling abroad currently requires a 14 day quarantine for most countries, and for some a complete travel ban. It’s time to travel closer to home. Recently, ABC aired a travel segment on expert tips for a safe summer vacation. I am planning to visit all the beautiful spots in our communities, and state. I am making the best of the new normal this summer by appreciating picnics at the park, or at the beach in my surrounding communities. Disney Land is scheduled to re-open after July 4th, and Virgin Limited Edition Ulusaba is offering a virtual safari from its location in the Sabi Sand Reserve in South Africa every Monday on the Virgin Limited Edition Instagram and plans to do so for the foreseeable future. Staying local? Plan a lunch date with someone you have not seen in a while. It’s always great to catch up. You never know, you might plan the next trip for when travel allows.