Central London

The best time to visit London is usually during April through the end of Summer, bearing in mind summer months are peak season and airfares sky rocket during June through August travels. London is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe during the summer months. Spring is a good season to visit compared to summer. Airfares and accommodations are less expensive, the city is less touristy, therefore, less crowded, and milder temperatures.  I have visited through various weather climates and my opinion is that you can visit London all year round. Visiting in December, which is one of my favorite time to visit and spend Christmas with family, is very cold but the joy of the holiday spirit in the air and from the people, make it the best city to visit during the festive season.  Love shopping while on vacation? Hop on London’s most available double decker buses or train into Oxford Street for Christmas shopping and a beautiful display of Christmas lights.

Stratford, London

London is very expensive. Hotel stays and dining at restaurants will run you a pretty penny. Create a budget for the entire trip including attractions.

If you are visiting London for the first time, exploring so many places can be overwhelming. The accommodation and sightseeing lists below have been carefully curated to help you with your London Travel itinerary.

Trafalgar Square

Where to stay:

London is huge but has one of the best public transportation systems. Travel by bus, London Underground Train, overground train and tram lines.  No matter where you stay, you will have easy access into the city with public transportation. It’s as easy as buying an Oyster card to cover all zones you are planning to visit.  Inform the seller of the Oyster card where you plan to visit, they will advise on what zones to purchase.  Have that London Underground map with you at all times. If you choose to stay in the Central London in a hotel, Airbnb or Bed & Breakfast, here is a list of recommended neighborhoods and accommodations:

Marble Arch                      Trafalgar Square

Stratford                          Kensington

Southwark                         Kings Cross

Most of the above cities are very close to or in central London.  While it’s great to stay close for sightseeing, you will also be in the heart of London with many shops, bars, and people. If you don’t like being among large crowds, staying in central London may not be the best choice.  Other areas such as; Westminster, Southbank, and Convent Garden may offer a better alternative with easy access to Central London.

Ultimate London Sightseeing recommendations:

Many museums in London are free to visit, but if you plan on visiting multiple paid attractions, invest in a London Pass which works out cheaper than paying for each attraction. The London Pass also allows you to skip the long lines for some of the attractions. Any time you can afford a fast-track ticket, it’s best to purchase one especially with very long lines during the summer month attractions. London offers a 5-attraction pass or a 3-attraction pass where you get to visit up to 5/3 attractions on one pass purchased. This pass also includes other bonuses, such as getting you up close and personal with celebrities, sporting legends, etc. at Madame Tussauds. You may have to reserve timeslots for some of these attractions especially with the new normal/ post pandemic. Always check the details when you purchase attraction passes.

Tower bridge                                                   Natural History Museum (free)

The Queens Gallery                                       British Museum(free & paid exhibits)

Buckingham Palace                                      The Museum of London (free)

The London Eye                                             Kew Gardens

Madame Tussauds                                        The Queens House (free)

Westminster Abbey                                      Kensington Palace

Plan your trip. Booking in advance gives you cheaper airfares, better prices on accommodations and less time wasted queuing.


Changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace

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