After a work week of consulting and blogging part-time, the weekend is finally here. I’m up, in good spirits, reach for a glass of grapefruit juice and a cup of tea.  I check the stats on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.  It’s an average Saturday, after taking care of some of my morning routines, which includes a phone call to mom and other family members, it may also include laundry, housekeeping etc., I then take a walk depending on plans for the day. When I have plans to be outdoors and on my feet for hours, I skip the morning walk. After housekeeping, I take a shower, settle for a cup of tea and a veggie omelet, then sit at my computer to get a blog started. Sometimes, I am adding finishing touches to a blog in progress. I’m feeling very productive typing away until lunch time hunger hits, then I realize the morning has flown by. “Time flies when you’re having fun”. My blog is my business, and I take it very seriously. Amazingly, I am at my happiest on a cool morning, typing away to create some teaching moments or simply sharing my experience from visiting various locations.

2020 left me with rarely having plans for the weekend or outdoor entertainment. I do not always have a specific plan for my weekends. I may take the first lunch invite that comes in for that day to seize an opportunity to sit outdoors and enjoy a meal with a friend.

On this particular Saturday, my friend Luly, who is a photographer, and I visited the charming and eclectic Seaport Village, in San Diego. At Seaport Village, we walked around the various stores, while enjoying great sunny weather with a cool breeze from the harbor. After enjoying lots of panoramic views while Luly took lots of spectacular shots, we decided to go eat at Brigantine where you get a taste of delicious seafood, custom cocktails and home crafted beers. 

Do not pass up on a visit to the USS Midway Museum, a historical naval aircraft located at Navy Pier, downtown San Diego. San Diego is considered to be the perfect microcosm of California because of its stunning shoreline bustling downtown core.

I get home late evening, enjoy some uninterrupted show times on Netflix or catching up with my favorite YouTubers. Time to wind down and journal plans for the next day, with new strategies to earn the awesome perks that are available to hard working entrepreneurs and bloggers.

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