Air travel is likely to be pretty different from what it used to be. Check out all the changes that are happening and which safety measure meets your requirements. 

The travel and tourism industry are helpless and has halted as COVID-19 demands we all self-quarantine for safety. As we begin the new normal, air travel is likely to be pretty different. We might see a spike in prices.

Social distancing is here for the longer than we anticipated. We have heard about airlines freeing up the middle sit to create adequate space between people, compared to stacking up passengers in the past.

It is advisable to check in very early as we undergo all the new policies and medical checks necessary to board an aircraft. It is likely that passengers will be denied access to check in for their flights if they fail the necessary airport testing. Be sure to keep updated on your health always, and especially prior to traveling.

Always check the CDC website for updated travel regulations prior to travel as we get familiar with the new travel procedures.  Bon Voyage!