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A vacation is a wellness lifestyle, but can be costly. Planning a mini vacation is an alternative and a cost-effective vacation. While many of us have a bucket list of dream vacation spots, it is not always feasible to make those dreams come true. Be a tourist in your city or neighboring cities. You’ll be surprised at how much there is to see in your local city.  My friend worked in New York for four years and never saw The Statue of Liberty.  He said he kept putting it off until his contract expired.  I don’t always have the budget to travel abroad but when I need a break or a mini vacation, I leave my house, check into a hotel with a friend or friends and plan an exciting weekend.  Check in with your local tourism office for information on local attractions.  You’ll be surprised at how many free and discounted attractions are offered.  Sometimes we overlook how much our own region has to offer. In Southern California, there are various choices for a mini vacation. Check out my blog post “Keep Your Summer Travel Dreams Alive”.

Last weekend the plan was to fulfill my desire to visit somewhere more isolated and enjoy nature.  Some of the destination choices were Mission Bay ParkBalboa Park, and Sunset Cliffs. We couldn’t agree on location but we collectively agreed on taking a short drive, close to home, and enjoy the outdoors. We chose to visit Brengle Terrace Park,

An interesting choice I thought, because I only visit Brengle Park to attend outdoor summer concerts at the awesome Moonlight Amphitheater (outdoor concerts). We just recently found out that the amphitheater leads to an 18-hole disk golf course.  The park has several hillsides and open grasslands that we enjoyed walking around with lots of shade.  The park is not very large since we perambulated around it several times, but a nice size for picnics, with a basketball court, several tennis courts, and a botanical garden. I got super excited when I saw signs for yoga classes held at the recreational area, but unfortunately due to COVID-19, all classes are cancelled. A mother of two whose kids were enjoying the outdoors after being quarantined for months, added she got married at the park. We had a good dose of history and nature only a few miles away from home.

personal travel blog

Looking to visit other regions of the U.S.? Do your research. Look for venues that are of interest to you, browse information online or call venues for more information about a short stay and options available. See my previous blog posted on 6/19/2020, regarding staycations and daycations, for a few more options in Southern California.

 Enjoy what’s left of summer 2020 while being safe.