How to choose between an airbnb and a hotel

The choice is a personal preference but I’m sharing with you details that may help you make better choices in the future when deciding between an Airbnb or a hotel.

Personally, unless I’m traveling with family or a large group, I prefer to stay at hotels.  I like the flexibility of having to switch rooms if for any reason the current room is not satisfactory, love room service, the whole nine yards. I enjoy all the luxuries that come with staying at a hotel. That’s what vacays are about, especially short stays. I like the fact that when I arrive early at a hotel, I have been lucky to check in early instead of waiting around after a long flight. On the few occasions where rooms were being cleaned and not ready for check in, the concierge will kindly check in our bags while we go eat or walk around if we choose. If the lamp or refrigerator does not work in the room, I contact management, we switch rooms, and sometimes with an upgrade instead of waiting till the next day for maintenance to show up for work at an Airbnb. If a hotel stay is more your vibe, do your research to find a hotel within your budget. Depending on your destination, there may be a resort fee added to your per night hotel rate. is my go-to website because of the endless choices for hotel, air and rental cars.

How to Choose between an Airbnb and a Hotel

Airbnb gives you an option to rent an entire home or a room in a house (may be a shared space). The advantage of renting an Airbnb for a large group, may be three or more people, is that you will be paying a per night stay instead of the extra charge per person at a hotel.

If you are traveling with a large group, wanting to stay together, staying for about a week or longer, love to cook while vacationing, or prefer to stay in a home, then an Airbnb is a better choice. It’s also a great choice for families with younger kids. Families have their own space with freedom for kids to move around. There are kid friendly Airbnb’s to choose from that include play rooms and baby-sitting options. Definitely check out the host before you book your Airbnb and all the amenities they offer. After booking your Airbnb, it is advisable to stay in communication with your host to familiarize yourself with the check in procedure which sometimes includes combinations or lock boxes. Avoid having to wait outside for hours after traveling, especially with kids because you did not get the proper check in details. Read as many reviews about the Airbnb and host before reserving. Photos are sometimes deceiving. If you are traveling solo, it is advisable for you to send your itinerary including host name and phone number to a family member/friend, so someone knows where you are staying. If you are traveling by air, ask about cancellation policies if your flight is delayed or canceled. Airbnb will cancel your reservation when you don’t show up as agreed without a refund. For the most part their cancellation policies are not as flexible as hotels. Similar to hotel resort fees, there is a fee for guest service. Also, if you arrive early, you may have to wait around till check in time, unlike a hotel where you can check in early when a room is clean and available.

How to Choose between an Airbnb and a Hotel

I hope this helps you decide which option is best for your travel.

Bon Voyage!