Travel teaches me that ‘time’ is all we really own in life. Setting aside time for travel has been one of my most satisfying possessions. Embracing new experiences, meeting people from various cultures, and learning new things about myself is a game changer.


Traveling allows me to do just that. Slowing down from the hustle & bustle of life is a great way to reset your mind.  No matter how big or small, a trip can create lasting memories and reshape your personality.

A weekend Trip

When I hear people say “I can’t afford to travel”, but they spend money in areas where I say, if they really want to travel, they can.  Make travel a priority and part of your wellness care.  Keep it simple. Your destination doesn’t have to be exotic.  It can be a nice weekend trip to a neighboring state or city of your choice.  Somewhere that you have researched and know what to do, and places to go when you visit.

Enjoy the moment

Travel takes you out of your comfort zone.  Soak in the moment and experience. Ones experiences need not be confined to travel. Some say, “I don’t like crowds”. If you are not a fan of crowded cities, find a hidden gem for your vacation spot and enjoy.

Solo Travel isn’t bad

For many years, I had a fear of traveling alone. Now, I may not travel alone to some parts of the world, but solo travel has taught me to tap into my inner self and a great way to get to know people. Solo travel is a great way to meet people from various locations, share experiences and plan tours while you’re visiting.

Heading back home

It took many years, but I now know not to start thinking about my daily routines as soon as I get on a return flight or heading back on the road. Any issues or problems at home may still be there.  Hold on to your recharge from your trip. Tap into what really matters in your life.  Have a plan to solve issues that you can’t escape from even when you travel.  Your new experience may help greatly. Make it a happy ending and a new beginning😊

The best way to escape from your problem is to solve it.” – R. Anthony

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