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Too hot to wear jeans?  I have news for you.  Do not pass up on wearing your favorite jeans in warm weather climates especially while on vacation. I’m not talking about your usual long jeans that’s our go to item during the cooler/cold weather months. Linen and cotton shorts are airy, light and feel good in warmer climates, but I have a long-term relationship with these white jeans in the warmer months. White cotton denim jeans are chic and instantly elevates any look. Rockin’ some Bermuda shorts, ribbed jeans and my favorite rich cotton denim jeans are among the many choices available to wear your favorite jean shorts while on summer vacation, without feeling the added heat.

how to wear jeans during the summer

This cotton rich denim from New York and Company feels almost weightless with a nice stretch compared to your traditional denim.

Shop New York and Company for comfortable Bermuda shorts.  

White jeans are the epitome of beauty in the summer. I wear white jeans all throughout summer because they are chic and can be paired with almost every type of top. My favorite tops to wear with my white jeans are an airy shirt, off the shoulder tops, a nice blend of print top, or a t-shirt. Another beauty about white jeans, they can be won with sandals, tennis shoes (Vans, Puma or Nike), and can be won with heels to create a chic combination. Dress your comfortable summer jeans up with accessories, and a dressy top for a night out on the town.

how to wear jeans during the summer

Check out the these Express Shorts on sale. Now’s the time to stack up on summer sale items. I am always up for a good sale. The world will open back up and we’ll be summer ready for next year.