Old Town San Diego is where the state of California began and is the latest attraction for many tourists.  Explore some of San Diego’s rich heritage, great food, culture and some of the city’s greatest icons. Many tourists explore beautiful San Diego by hopping on and off private tours. Old Town San Diego is a day out, so plan to rent a car, or hop on an Uber or Lyft to Old Town and enjoy the richness of this historic park.

The state historic park is a must see in Old Town. This historic park is very well protected and includes many historic buildings from the 1820’s to 1870’s. Museums include The La Casa de Estudillo, and The Cosmopolitan HotelThis hotel will tell you a story and take you back in time. One gets to enjoy the beauty of vintage antique furnishings and for those who would like to step back in time, the Cosmopolitan offers bed and breakfast in Victorian style bedrooms, baths, and private dining rooms with historic style saloons.

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Casa de Aguirre is an important landmark within the various markets in Old Town as it displays the life and traditions of the settlers of Old Town. This museum is not just a shop beaming with colorful crafts but also has a small museum at the back of it.

The sidewalks of Old Town are overflowed with people who come to revisit history, to shop and to savor some of the greatest variety of food that San Diego has to offer. Old Town has a wide variety of cuisines to include many Mexican Specialties. The area is filled with a rich diverse history, therefore there is something for everyone, from Creole, Mexican, Japanese, Peruvian, Italian, and other seafood restaurants. One of my favorites is the Barra Barra Saloon. Barra Barra is an authentic upscale Mexican fusion cuisine. The food and the service are great, and on those days where there is a long wait, one can continue your tour of Old town and you will get a text when a table is ready. There is a wait time at all restaurants, therefore I will suggest you don’t wait till you are starving before getting a place in line.  Old Town is not only filled with tourist that get dropped off on tour buses, but also the locals who visit to enjoy history, food and the ambiance of the various bands that play a melody of songs with rich Mexican sounds.

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As you would have gathered, there is something for every appetite at Old Town. Every doorway leads to a delectable discovery. Come enjoy Old Town, San Diego’s rich history.