I love traveling with family and friends, but traveling solo forces me to step out of my comfort zone. Traveling solo doesn’t mean traveling alone. Fun fact, I very rarely travel solo but when I do, the experience is one of my most unique and memorable travels. I get to meet interesting people and like-minded travelers. As we get to know each other, sometimes starting at the airport lounge, we make arrangements to go on tours, and other visits to the city center. It is not uncommon for us to link up after we return to the US, for business purposes, collaboration, hangouts, and plan another trip. During a recent travel to Atlanta, I met up with my now friend Lourdes who is a nurse but has an awesome side gig as a photographer. We kept in touch and I had the privilege of getting some amazing shots (check out my Instagram for photos!) at Balboa Park, California.  Another advantage when you travel solo, you only have to follow your itinerary. There is no compromise during your travel, however, we must be careful. Don’t go out at night alone. I double lock my hotel doors in my local community; therefore, I’ll be sure to double lock the doors while I’m traveling solo. I am planning to increase my solo trips.  

Booking.com survey  found that 65% of US women are taking vacations without their partner. When I visited Montego Bay with family and friends, I got to meet several solo female travelers. While I will have to brave it up to go to take a solo trip to the Caribbean, a girlfriend getaway might be best for that exotic experience. I recently joined a women’s travel club to visit more amazing destinations without having to worry about traveling alone.

As much as I would love to take a trip abroad right now, we must be safe and check for updated travel advisories before considering travels abroad.  Travel might seem like a pipe dream right now, but planes will take to the skies again and we’ll be able to spread our wings once more.