Travel has been and will continue to be severely impacted in the months to come.  Travel bloggers are struggling to create new content and having to rely on older stories and experiences.  Post Pandemic is unknown as we continue to see a spike in the virus, but we anticipate a lot of changes adding to those that are in effect currently, due to the pandemic. As a content creator, I rely on old stories or quotes that many have resonated with, but like many, it has been a challenge.  I must say I have appreciated some local attraction that I had not experienced prior to the pandemic or hadn’t experienced in years.  While practicing physical distancing and all safety measures, visiting our local harbors, cultural exhibits, and beaches has created a temporary escape from challenging times during lock down.  If you have an essential travel, check out the CDC website for travel restrictions.

To stay sane, I’m consciously working on my part-time consulting contract, alternating between zoom meetings, project management meetings, and board meetings. Books have also been an essential in keeping me sane.  Loosing myself in books that I was gifted and couldn’t read during what I called normal times (prior to pandemic), has been great for my mental IQ.  Check out my blog post  on books I read during quarantine. What I enjoy most is writing for my blog.  Whether I’m working on past content or creating new content from local experiences, I enjoy telling stories that will help others when visiting some of the gorgeous locations I’ve written about.  Read my blogs

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Ever wonder how your fellow travel bloggers are coping during lockdown? Below is a story from my fellow blogger about how he is creating content during lockdown, or post pandemic.

Arun Sharma   writes:   from Worldwide Travel Bloggers & Traveler’s

After lockdown I have done the first trek to Mulling, Bhaba pass valley, it’s is very beautiful valley, I have captured the most of the beautiful view during the trek. Its 4 to 5 hours trek from Kafnu Village in Kinnaur district Himachal Pradesh. Unforgettable memories for me!!!!! Shivya Nath is hopeful that this pandemic will make people realize how their travel choices are adversely impacting the planet. “Both in tourism policy and as individual travelers, we are likely to become more inclined towards slow, meaningful, low impact, sustainable travel that supports local communities and minimizes our impact on the environment,” she says.

Before the pandemic, she was learning about the way of life of remote tribal communities in Chhattisgarh. Nath opines that travel influencers need to rethink their values in terms of how they promote destinations, reduce their individual carbon footprint, and support local communities and businesses. “When we emerge from this crisis, we need to ensure we don’t walk into another one. It’s high time we make travel choices that are not just more ethical, but also better for our own survival,” she says. “I have the feeling that travel influencers who aren’t willing to rethink these values, risk becoming obsolete

Post Pandemic will be a new normal.

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